Marathon Course (26.2)

Marathon Course

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Start time – 7:00am

Start at Maple Beach
run a 2.3 mile out toward I-96
run back to start
begin a clockwise loop around the lake
run a 2.3 mile out and back on the Buno Road Extension (all bike path)
return to lake loop – continue running clockwise around the lake
run through the finish line at Maple Beach
Complete a 2nd Full Loop (clockwise) around Kent Lake
flattest section at the end
entire course on bike path

Kensington Marathon Course Map - Marathon


Elevation Profile

KM - 26.2 Course Elevation Profile

Please read the scale of the Elevation Profile – this graph makes it seem much worse than it is

The course is rolling with 2 decent climbs (but the course goes immediately downhill for a long stretch after)